Our Values


The St. Christopher Center for Children believes that all children require affection, support and guidance within the atmosphere of Christian Love. This environment helps the child grow with a good self-image, a positive attitude. The Center provides experiences that foster feelings of confidence, success, value and pride to ensure these aspects of development.

The spiritual growth of the child is a vital aspect of St. Christopher’s program. We are Inspired by Faith. We are part of One Loving Family and love each student as a child of God. We are a community with Great Expectations, giving your child Endless Opportunities to create Momentum for Life.

St. Christopher Center for Children:

  • Our center offers a Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-school program that readies your child for school. Our curriculum meets and exceeds all state standards.
  • Received a One-Star rating for Step Up to Quality.
  • Our Center is licensed by the State of Ohio and our teachers are all qualified to teach in the preschool.
  • We foster feelings of confidence, success, values and pride to help each child develop to their fullest potential.
  • Students are involved in community service projects such as the Vandalia Food Pantry and care packages to the Service men and women.