The St. Christopher Center for Children believes that all children require affection, support and guidance within the atmosphere of Christian Love. This environment helps the child grow with a good self-image, a positive attitude. The Center provides experiences that foster feelings of confidence, success, value and pride to ensure these aspects of development.

The spiritual growth of the child is a vital aspect of St. Christopher’s program. The staff encourages a respect for God, for self, for others and the law. Guidance is given through positive redirection. The staff is attentive to the child’s behavior but never critical of the child. The air of spirituality permeates the Center’s involvement with its children. The positive development of each child is at the heart of St. Christopher Center for Children.

Center for Children:

  • Our center offers a Pre-Kindergarten and Pre-school program that readies your child for school. Our curriculum meets and exceeds all state standards.
  • Received a One-Star rating for Step Up to Quality.
  • Our Center is licensed by the State of Ohio and our teachers provide an atmosphere of Christian love. We help each child grow with a good selfimage, positive attitude, and respect for God, self and for others.
  • We foster feelings of confidence, success, values and pride to help each child develop to their fullest potential.
  • Students are involved in community service projects such as the Vandalia Food Pantry, collecting baby items for Elizabeth New Life Center, and care packages to the Service men and women.